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Thursday, July 8, 2010

How the IKEA “Find It” SMS campaign ran successful in Seattle?

The IKEA “Find It’ campaign was a very successful mobile campaign which integrated digital media and traditional media, participants should use both mobile device and print catalog to finish the game. Since the answers of scavenger hunt questions could be found in IKEA’s catalog only, so that the game ensuring shoppers would spend more time and engaged with it.
On the other hand, winners of instant win game could win a gift card, it would effectively draw return visits and repeat purchase.

SMS technique was used in this campaign, participants only need to send a text massage to enter the Instant Win Game. This technique provides a very fast, cheap and easy solution to keep relationship with your customers, it enables IKEA to get great response rate, and everyone could join the game as long as they have mobile phone.

(participantion report from Cellit Marketing regarding the game)

Besides, shoppers should complete the online registration to enter the Sweepstakes, so that the registration web site could be used as e-CRM activity for customer development and data mining. IKEA could build a customer database with e-CRM data for further promotion, contact details and preferences are personal data IKEA could get from the registration.

The IKEA “Find It” SMS campaign not only increased the readership of print catalog, but also generated sales (repeat purchase) and leads (personal data).

SMS is very useful marketing tool to make close relationship with your customers, start your SMS campaign today!


A key to make the IKEA Mobile Augmented Reality Application towards successful

Are you confusing how furniture would look in your home due to its size, color or other factors? The IKEA Mobile Augmented Reality Application can help you to overcome this barrier.

The IKEA Mobile Augmented Reality application engage shoppers’ imagination via visual interactivity, users can experience innovative and new technology with their mobile devices today. This solution provides clear, simple and strong value proposition for users, it enable shoppers imagine how the new collection would look in their homes before they make buying decision and move any furniture, and address their expectation with the furniture. No more indecisive when it comes to purchase furniture.

The application also provides mobile marketing support for IKEA new collection launch. This mobile campaign can fulfill customer’s expectation since they get help and make right decision in IKEA, in turn, it can encourages transactions as well as enhance brand value.

Honestly, this technology lead to great advantage to customers, it still limited to advanced Smartphone. IKEA is better to consider developing more version which suitable for non-Smartphone users.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Case study 2 - The IKEA Mobile Augmented Reality Application

The IKEA Mobile Augmented Reality Application was launched with IKEA New PS furniture collection in German stores during 2009. This application seems a portable planner for interior design, customers are able to see how furniture would fit into their homes via this application.

To experience this application, customers should get it in three ways:
1. Download it from IKEA official site or
2. Send a SMS text message to receive a link to download the application or
3. Use Bluetooth pillars installed in certain stores

This application stores some product images of the new PS collection, customers can select a picture from the range, then take a picture of the room which you want to place the furniture. Users can scale the proportion of all product images to fit into their room.

Application tutorial:

The Augmented Reality technology merges virtual computer-generated imagery with physical real-world environment, for example, you can place a virtual bed in your room. This application enables you to have a look before you purchase furniture, then less wrong decisions due to improper size and color.

To save your money, try to use this application before you make decision in IKEA.


Case study 1 - The IKEA "Find It" Instant Win Game and Sweepstakes

In Seattle store, IKEA has been running a mobile contest called “Find It” Mobile Sweepstakes, it just like a “scavenger hunt" used SMS technique. The game started from 7/28/08 to 9/30/08.
There were two quiz games people can joined: Instant Win Game and Grand Prize Sweepstakes.

For Instant Win Game, people should send a short text message "Find IT” to 30364, then participants would receive a series of return text messages included three different scavenger hunt questions which the answer could be found in the pages of the IKEA catalog. Winners will be randomly determined every day during the promotion period.

To enter the Sweepstakes, people should complete the online registration via

Prizes for Sweepstakes and Instant Win Game:
Sweepstakes Prize:
One Grand Prize – Prize includes: $10,000 in IKEA Gift Cards.

Instant Win Game Prizes:
One hundred First Prizes- A $100 IKEA Gift Card.
Five hundred Second Prizes – A $20 IKEA Gift Card.

This contest was aimed to increase catalog readership, with reference to the findings from Cellitmarketing, over 210,000 entry of this campaign, around 69% of participants finished the three questions .

“Find It” Mobile Sweepstakes was a very successful mobile marketing campaign to draw customer’s attention and increased catalog readership.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

How Mobile Marketing being penetrated in your life?

Mobile Marketing is meant to communicate information via mobile devices by marketers, for example, mobile phone, netbook and PDA. Mobile Marketing has different solutions, such as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), Short Message Service (SMS) and Mobile video.

More and more SMS promotion campaigns have being emerged in these few years in Hong Kong, since mobile channel can be a low cost communication method to improve the relationship with your customers. In Hong Kong, only HK$0.25 per SMS message in local gateway.

People can access mobile web pages with their mobile devices using WAP and GPRS or Wi-Fi technologies supplied by communication service providers. Wi-Fi hot spots have been increased in Hong Kong, even you can access free Wi-Fi on bus nowadays.

Mobile phones have become essential to our everyday life. According to a finding from International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the number of cell phone subscriptions reached 4.6 billion at the end of 2009, the demand of mobile phone has been skyrocketing over the world.

Mobile Marketing industry is growing rapidly, mobile marketing campaigns become significant channels for marketers to connect with their customers. With reference to a survey from hipcricke, 37% of consumers would be interested to join mobile loyalty programs from their favorite brands, in addition, 47% of consumers have brand recall and 94% of those remember the specific offers from brands. Another significant findings from hipcricke shown that 21% of consumers browse the mobile web at least once a day and 41% have accessed brand’s mobile web site to get related information, for instant, to find store locations, opening hours and look for promotions. (The 2009 HipCricket Mobile Marketing Survey was conducted in September 2009 via email and is based on 511 respondents.)

Today, a lot of people are finding ways to connect to the world with wireless service, it’s a great opportunity to start your business in mobile marketing industry.

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